Monday, April 8, 2013

♥Laura Mercier Graphic Liquid Eye Liner Review♥

Description from website: The ultimate liquid eye liner! Graphic Liquid Eye Liner is a glossy, long wearing liquid eyeliner with an easy to apply felt tip applicator.
This item is part of the Art Deco Muse Collection, our Holiday Collection that was inspired by the decorative architecture, style and mood of the Art Deco perios in Paris in the mid-1920’s. Laura created rich makeup shades of gold, red and black to beautifully contract each other. This item is a new permanent addition to our eyeliner collection.

 ♥Where to purchase:
♥Price: $24.00
♥Color: Black
♥Application: Long wearing liquid eyeliner with an easy to apply felt tip applicator
 The first thing I noticed is that this product goes on very wet. Very different from any liquid liner I have ever tried or used previously. This could be a plus for someone who has never tried a liquid liner as it is very easy to apply.  Also, I love the length of the applicator! It makes it very easy to hold and apply. Goes on very smooth.
The cons I have noticed with this product:  1) It settles into fine lines and makes it very difficult to draw a straight perfect line without bleeding out a bit.
2) It does require a few coats to create a solid black line. (Once you do, it does last all day and the pigmentation lasts)
3) Be VERY careful when putting the applicator tip back into the bottle as the wet product bubbles up and comes out of the top. I had to slowly try to get it back in the bottle without the product trying to spill out.

♥Final thoughts: Overall I think this product has amazing lasting power and very pigmented (when applied with a few coats) but is too wet of a product for me. I think you could find many eyeliners that have the same lasting power for a lot cheaper, that do not settle into fine lines. 
Thank you and I hope you enjoyed this review!
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